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The Evolution of Cannabis Testing Begins at Verity Analytics


Superior Technology and Turnaround Time

With our state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher laboratory instruments, we are raising the bar of cannabis testing science and technology. Our ability to expedite testing times with faster and higher levels of detection means less waiting and more selling for our customers. You can rely on us as your testing partners for superior technology and turnaround time for all of our laboratory testing services. We provide pharmaceutical-grade analysis, so our customers know exactly what they are producing, and their customers know precisely what they are consuming.

The results are in your inbox within 2-3 days for all compliance testing, and 1-2 days for quality assurance (R&D) testing. Our laboratory information management system (LIMS) is simple to use and METRC compliant so you can be confident about your compliance.


Unrivaled Customer Service

From the first impression, we aim to please. During our initial consultation, we work with you to determine the best testing protocols and timelines for your business so that you can operate compliantly and efficiently. Our intake process is painless and efficient, and we pride ourselves on a courteous and professional sampling team. We store and transport your products with the utmost care in our refrigerated vehicles to ensure optimum environmental conditions throughout the testing process. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our methodologies and technology.


Education for All

The state of the cannabis industry is evolving quickly, and information sharing is critical as we blaze the path towards further legalization. We are committed to sharing published materials and other valuable resources to our customers and the public to serve the purpose of education on various cannabis-related topics. Sign up for our newsletter to gain access to industry relevant topics such as premier partner highlights, product reviews, political updates, and industry happenings. For more information on the importance of lab testing, we encourage you to #getweedwise with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. They’ve put together an informative guide on why you should only consume cannabis products that have been thoroughly tested for purity. Check it out!


Contact us to get started!

We take cannabis testing seriously so you can get serious about your business.

At Verity Analytics, we use cutting-edge technology to perform each of our tests. We guarantee accurate results in a timely manner so you can focus on expanding your business and increasing your bottom line. To complement our lab testing services, we also have a team of research and development experts that are eager to help you grow your brand. 

Together we partner, together we rise.


R & D Testing

Before committing to testing an entire batch of products, we perform quality assurance (R&D) testing to verify the batch is of the utmost quality for consumption. This is a great option as you are testing out new products before submitting for the full range of compliance testing.


California Compliance Testing

We’re here to guide you through the state requirements for all cannabis testing to secure confidence in your compliance. Each test comes with a detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA) sent directly to your inbox.


Product Development

Our team is here to help you level up. Whether you want to launch a new product, or are looking for expert advice on how to enhance an existing product, we’re here to help.

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