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  • How do I get my products tested?
    For any combination of our single lab services, you can make arrangements to either drop off a sample for informational use only services or schedule a random sampling event for state-compliant services. We roll out the red carpet for all of our customers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
  • What do I need to know before my first sampling appointment?
    In compliance with the state and to assure a seamless sampling process, please adhere to the following guidelines: Samples & Sample Room - Before we arrive, please have your samples ready in your sampling area. We’d appreciate you reserving additional space for our lab staff to place their sampling kit. Employee Presence - Please ensure that an employee from your distribution company is present at all times during the sampling process. During the sampling process, distributors MUST NOT assist the lab staff by touching products or lab sampling equipment. Video Recording - It is the distributor’s responsibility to video record the entirety of the sampling process. If possible, please be clear and state at the beginning of the video the sample batch number and the testing lab (Verity Analytics), date, time, and testing service. Our lab staff will also enter the batch number per test into our LIMS system before the sampling. Video recordings must be saved on file for 90 days. Video recording will end when lab staff has packed all samples into their sampling kit. Representative Samples - Per state regulations, the lab staff will be required to obtain representative samples for each California compliance test, depending on the batch size. Please refer to the online portal sample submission for your sample requirements. The quantity needed will auto-populate when you submit your sample request. You may also refer to the sample size requirements listed below for the amount needed per product per batch size. Documentation - This includes the shipping manifest, chain of custody, and sample field log. Please provide the lab staff with a signed and completed shipping manifest through our online LIMS portal. All forms must be signed by both parties and include all relevant information, including but not limited to: license number, sample identifier, batch number, and cultivator/manufacturer name. The lab staff will also provide a copy of our Chain of Custody and Sample Field Log for you to fill out on a Verity Analytics iPad through our LIMS portal. A copy of this paperwork will always be attainable through your online profile on our LIMS portal as a downloadable PDF. Certificate of Analysis (COA) - Our state-of-the-art LIMS technology allows test results to be published as the tests are completed in real-time. Upon passing state requirements, we will provide you with a COA that indicates your product is ready for sale in dispensaries. Should your test fail regulatory compliance testing, all products must be quarantined at the distribution center with a clearly identifiable batch number. A remediation action plan must be established with the California Department of Public Health should you wish to retest your products. Otherwise, the product must be destroyed. A copy of your product’s images will also be available in your profile and will easily upload to Weed Maps, your website, or other social media platforms. Re-testing - Under state requirements, we may only re-test from the same sample batch twice after the sample batch has been remediated per the BCC guidelines. A remediation corrective action plan must be sent to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and upon approval, we will devise a remediation plan. Upon remediation, we will send the lab staff to re-sample and re-test the remediated batch products. The same price applies for re-testing unless discussed or negotiated upon with your account manager.
  • How much do I need to provide for a sample?
    Head over to our Services page for more information.
  • How soon will the results be ready?
    With current lab testing volumes, we anticipate a turn-around of 2-3 days for all compliance testing, and 1-2 days for quality assurance (R&D) testing. However, in the event of urgency, we can make special accommodations to meet your requirements.
  • Where are you located?
    8888 Miramar Road San Diego, CA 92126 Suite 4 We service all of Southern California, Call us at (619) 993-7603 to get on pick-up schedule.
  • What are your prices?
    Testing prices vary depending on the type and quantity of testing requested. Our testing fees are competitive, and we offer both volume and prepay discounts. Contact one of our representatives for a quote! We are happy to work with you to ensure you get the best value through maximizing batch and lot sizes.
  • How do I know your results are accurate?
    As part of our accreditation process, we regularly perform “proficiency tests” to verify our testing methods’ accuracy by sending samples to a third-party laboratory. Additionally, we perform several quality control checks during the testing process. For your protection, security, and safety, each batch of tests performed is duplicated to ensure precision. We perform tests with control samples of a known potency or contamination and test “blank” samples to ensure that our detection instruments are 100% accurate. We will not release results until all of our quality control checks come back within specified bounds.
  • What kinds of products do you test?
    We can test cannabis and hemp flowers, oil, tinctures, edibles, aerosols, transdermal patches, beverages, and even infused specialties such as ice cream sandwiches and baked goods. Occasionally we come across products that are new to us, which may take additional time to ensure that we can appropriately identify the matrix, but we have yet to find a cannabis product we couldn’t test!
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